by Chris Ridire

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This album was made in January / February 2014 in my parent's home in Co. Wexford, Ireland. It is a loose horror concept album inspired by Silent Hill.

I love Silent Hill.


released February 18, 2014

Chris Ridire - Gach Rud.



all rights reserved


Chris Ridire Cardiff, UK

Chris Ridire is a lo-fi singer/songwriter from Wexford, Ireland, currently based in Cardiff, UK.

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Track Name: Chapter One
I only took my eye off the road for a second.
I thought I could see something in the woods, out the passenger window.
It was almost as if something was running alongside the car...
Almost as if it was stalking us...

I didn’t see the little girl until too late.
I swerved to avoid her, but I lost control of the car.
There was a thick fog and it had been snowing all week.
I think I hit a patch of black ice.

When I came to, I realised I was in the town.
Somehow, the car made it down the mountain in one piece.
I thanked my lucky stars and got out to look for help,
But I couldn’t find anyone.

The whole town was deserted; not a soul to be seen,
The fog had rolled in and you could hardly see anything,
Large chunks of the road had been torn up.
It was if the town had been hit by missiles or meteors...

It was the weirdest thing I had I ever seen,
Darkness fell in a matter of seconds,
I stumbled down an alley clutching the wall for support,
I slipped in some liquid and fell to the floor,
Track Name: Chapter Two
Doubled-over, I’m hit with a bad nausea,
Coughing blood into my shaking hands,
My throat feels as if it will tear apart,
Cold sweat drips into stinging eyes,
What’s going on?

I fall sideways; collapse into the puddle,
Head hits the ground, but I don’t feel pain,
I just feel the cold and slimy tarmac,
Pressed hard against the side of my face,
Tinnitus hits,
Shrill and loud,
Track Name: Chapter Three
Our father,
Who art in heaven,
Hallowed by thy thine name,
Thine Kingdom come,
May it be done on Earth,
As it is in Heaven,
And give us, this day,
Our daily bread,
And lead us not,
Into temptation,
And deliver us from evil,


When I close my eyes,
I still see her there,
Standing by our tree,
With our dumb initials,
That was so long ago,
But I’ve never forgotten,
What it meant,
To us and to you.

How could I be so naive?
Track Name: Chapter Four
Roll up! Roll up!
It’s a once in lifetime opportunity,
I wouldn’t want you to miss it,
And come and see the man with no skin,

Why does the Lord let such foul thing live?
Is it his wish to make us all fall sick?
Or maybe it’s a warning,
To save us from our sins?

His tortured muscles, calloused from the world,
Are stiff in moving, dry like hung meat,
And they crack and blister,
Making seeping sores,

All the doctors of the world,
Have scratched their heads in puzzlement,
To find a solution,
But it’s simply beyond,
The capabilities of modern science.
Track Name: Chapter Five
I come to, shaking in the alley,
I’m soaked through, drenched in cold sweat,
The darkness has completely vanished,
There’s no trace of blood from my coughing fit...

I stumble clumsily to my feet,
My head’s still swimming,
I walk slowly back down the alley,
Still hanging on the wall,

There’s two green bottles hanging on the wall,
Hanging on the wall,
There’s two green bottles hanging on the wall,
Hanging on the wall,
And if one green bottle should accidently fall,
Accidently fall,
There’ll be one green bottle hanging on the wall,
Track Name: Chapter Six
Someone stole my fucking car...
Track Name: Chapter Seven
At least I know there are other people now,
The question now is, “Where are they hiding?”
I walk down the road, knocking on random doors,
But there is no sign of life at all,

I find a little café.
The doors are locked from inside,
I try to kick a window in,
But I bounce right off,

Fall over backwards and scrape my hand,
Grit and gravel rammed under the skin,
I get up and think, “I need to clean the wound,
I’ll see if this place has a tap out back”.

And it's just my rotten luck,
The gate is bolted tight,
I can’t get a grip to climb over,
Looks like my luck has run dry,
Track Name: Chapter Eight
I hear revving,
I turn and see,
My stolen car,
Staring back me,
How the hell did get there?
And who the hell is driving it?
It looks like moving,
It’s coming this way,

And I turn, and I run down the lane,
I hear the damn thing’s gaining speed,
And there’s nowhere, I can jump out the way,
It’s going... it’s going to kill me.

It’s closing in,
Just a few feet,
The engine’s deafening,
Fumes smell sweet,
And in any second,
I’ll go under,
My rag doll body,
Torn asunder,

I feel my back go with a crack,
As I’m lifted right off of my feet,
I go up and over the bonnet,
Collapse in a broken heap,
And sky melts to black all again,
I can hear a high-pitched whirring,
And the nausea hits me once again,
And I feel the world slowly begin to slip,
Track Name: Chapter Nine
Am I dreaming?
It’s hard to know...
I can’t my open eyes at all,

But I can hear,
A far-off sound,
Like a child’s laughter,

Am I going crazy?
‘Cause I feel fine,
But for some reason, I feel as if I shouldn’t.
Track Name: Chapter Ten
A ringing phone,
Snatches me from sleep,
Could it have been,
All just a big bad dream?
Am I safe again?
I really should get the phone,
Swing my legs out the bed,
And clutch my swimming head,
Over I go,
I pick up the house phone,
It sounds like a doctor,
And the doctor says,
The patient is showing,
Response to external stimuli,
This looks promising,
He may yet pull through,
But let’s not get carried away,
It’s still very early days,
So don’t get your hopes up,
And be prepared for the worst.
Track Name: Chapter Eleven
I wake up,
In my car,
Back in town,
The fog has gone,
I turn the key,
But the car won’t start,
I get out,
Suck in the air,
Crisp and cool,
Winter’s here,
I feel my head,
Sticky blood,
I need to find,
Help ASAP,
I walk on down,
Down the road,

And it’s still all torn-up,
And there’s no one around,
I know I must be stuck,
Is this some sort of Hell?
Can I really be dead?
Or am I alive,
And going out of my head?

I head down the street, and I hear,
The roar of the crowd drawing me near,
As I get closer, I see them all there,
Huddled around a thing in a cage,
And as I get even closer,
I realise the thing,
Locked inside that cage,
Has no skin,

Roll up! Roll up!
It’s a once in lifetime opportunity,
I wouldn’t want you to miss it,
And come and see the man with no skin,
Track Name: Chapter Twelve
The nausea hits again,
The sky goes black again,
The tinnitus back again,
Fall to the floor, again.
The crowd evaporates,
That skinless thing just shakes,
And breaks out of his cage,
Comes limping over to me,
He somehow picks me up,
Carries me away,
Puts me in my car,
And sits in the driver’s seat,
The driving is causing him pain,
A bit heavy on the brakes,
And I just sit there dazed,
Let the world melt away,
It’s gone in the blink of an eye,
And I start to wonder why,
When did he lose his skin?
And why is he helping me out?
And what the hell’s going on?
Am I all right?
Am I hallucinating?
Or has the world gone awry?