by Chris Ridire

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Written and record in 2013/4, between X and '83.


released January 23, 2017

Chris Ridire - Gach rud



all rights reserved


Chris Ridire Cardiff, UK

Chris Ridire is a lo-fi singer/songwriter from Wexford, Ireland, currently based in Cardiff, UK.

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Track Name: Betamax
If I were little braver,
If I were a little smarter,
I would done it years ago,
But now it's too late,
I'm too firmly rooted,
I can't explain,
I'm almost happy,
It's as if I've lapsed,

I don't have lungs,
I don't breathe the air,
It tastes of other people,
And their DNA,

Promise you won't laugh,
But I've got a secret that I can't take to the grave,
And it's driving me mad,
See, I'm a special kind,
I was obsolete before I came of age,
But never mind.

It's just time,

I had to learn the hard way
Track Name: Mannequin
I was reincarnated,
As a clothes store mannequin,
I’d stand, staring out of the window,
As I drew the customers in,
Sometimes people would ask,
About the clothes they dressed me in,
I’d tell them beauty is only skin-deep,
It’s just a shame I have no skin,

Soon, I became disassembled,
For incitement, and aggravation,
So I gathered my limbs in a bin bag,
And I crawled to the nearest station,
I slunk silently passed the turnstiles,
I hopped on the next train to London,
Put myself back together,
As I headed for the home of British Fashion.