Bottle Caps

by Chris Ridire

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released August 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Chris Ridire Cardiff, UK

Chris Ridire is a lo-fi singer/songwriter from Wexford, Ireland, currently based in Cardiff, UK.

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Track Name: The Birds
The sun’s coming up,
There’s a flock of seagulls,
Crying hungrily,
My room is too humid,
To keep the windows closed,
And I haven’t slept yet,
Too far past tired,
I get out of bed
Walk to the door,
Creep ever so softly,
Down the black hall,
Open the front door,
Step out in the street,
Look for the tweeters,
Calling to me,
I know I can find them,
I follow the sound,
Down the back alleys,
Into the ground,
I come to a sink hole,
Seven feet deep,
Lower myself,
In a heartbeat,
I fall to sewers,
Through a crack in the floor,
Land in the water,
It softens the blow,
I still hear the chirping,
Of feathery friends,
Walk to the echoes,
To the grisly end,
I come to a chamber,
Lit up with fire,
I find all the squeakers,
Around a funeral pyre,
But there is no body,
Being burned,
That’s when it strikes me,
I am the one,
I have been chosen,
They’re calling to me,
As I step forward,
I struggle to breathe,
I’m blessed with this honour,
I do not deserve,
I give up my body,
Screeching funeral dirge,
Track Name: Epilogue
Your mother wouldn't forgive herself,
Your sister would never forgive you,
You father would have to deal with the fallout,

Your grandparents never saw it coming,
Your friends knew it wasn't "if", but "when",
You have proved just how weak you are,

You have no debt to be passed on,
Just some things, some contracts,
Possessions, stains and petty shames,

And who will clean the vomit up?
Be kind and put a towel down,
You've caused enough trouble as it is,
Track Name: Forget-me-nots
No feelings, no feelings, no feelings at all,
Just quiet, just quiet, just quiet and small,
If she loves me, if she loves me, if she loves me she'll call,
No feelings, no feelings, no feelings at all,

Just one more and I'm done,

Her scent lingers, scent lingers, soaked into the walls,
And it seeps through, and it bleeds through, it dampens my soul,
And I smell her, I can smell her, so sour and cold,
I should wash it, I should clean her her, lose her once and for all,
Track Name: Homespun
I'm only eating one meal a day,
The skies are blue but my mood is grey,
I never sleep; I just lay awake,
The static on the TV screen,
The rolling thunder of the washing machine,
Points of focus are everything,
Track Name: June 10th
Tell me how it’s fair,
I haven’t slept in a month,
For all the anger that I
Hide behind my lids,
When I close my eyes,
I want to crawl out of bed,
Sneak to your house,
Bang on your door,
Get you in the street,
Grab you by the arms,
Feel my nails in your arms,
Throw you to the floor,
Screaming what you have done,
Listing everything,
Every little thing,
Every big fucking thing,
How you broke my heart,
How you broke my brain,
How you broke my liver,
All that and more,
I don’t want to hurt you,
Maybe that’s a lie,
I really don’t want you back,
I just want you to see,
See what you have done,
What you’ve done to me,
Are you fucking happy?
Is this what you want?
Did you stop to think?
Were you just fucking done?