.​.​.​and start west EP

by Chris Ridire

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I made this EP in my house, in the Autumn of 2015.

Happy Hallowe'en .


released October 31, 2015

Chris Ridire - Gach rud.



all rights reserved


Chris Ridire Cardiff, UK

Chris Ridire is a lo-fi singer/songwriter from Wexford, Ireland, currently based in Cardiff, UK.

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Track Name: Peter Pan
I’m worth my weight in gold,
I’m worth every penny,
I’ll never ever grow old,
You mark my words,
I’ll never see decay,
I have good posture,
I just have to run away,
Away from home,

And I am light enough,
That I can crawl up to the stars,
And pluck them from the sky,
To sew among fields of grass,
And I will grow the night,
And I will harvest the dark,
Then you will see,

I’m worth my weight in gold,
I’m worth every red cent,
I’ll never gather mould,
You mark my words,
I’ll never wither like,
Putrid, rotten fruit,
I’ll never leave a footstep,
Upon the ground,

‘Cause I am light enough,
That I can walk up to the stars,
I’ll just hold my breath,
And place one foot in front of the other,
And soon I’ll leave the Earth,
And tread upon a sea of glass,
For I am he...

I’m Peter Pan,
I have no wings but still I’ll fly...
Track Name: Knights
I am a stupid sort,
Sputtering, circuit shorts,
Whitewashed and bleached from the sun,
Indexed to index more,
Posterity is the word of the law,
Catalogue with godly fervour,
Knowledge is currency now,
Knowledge lives on as iron turns to rust,

But I’ll never die- I’ll turn to stone,
So high upon my throne,

Cross-legged and gathering moss,
I’ll become monument,
Testament to my own life,
A relic to be archived,
The whitecoats will study my bones,
Cut me in half and count all my rings,
And learn all there is to know,
About an organism that studied things,
Track Name: Spider-Man
I have never been so...
So disappointed,
In everything,
Because everything,

Is broke.
I was never a fan of opera,
But somehow I’m taking the stage,
To heartily belt out my woes,

Now no one shall sleep,
Until I remember my name,
I’m a super-hero,
I can lean on my fame,

Or choke.
I was never a fan of opera,
But somehow I’m taking the stage,
To heartily belt out my woes,
The anger just comes and goes,
Track Name: Saloon Theme
Oh, there is nothing at all,
Except the sweet kiss of the cool alcohol,
That keeps you at bay,
When you’re running through my brain,
And it is nothing at all,
I’m scared to start running in case I trip and fall,
I’ll sit in the space,
Between moving on, and not,

There is nothing wrong with stasis,

Hey, do you think of me too?
Lay awake and think of things that we used to do?
Like driving around,
And pretending we’re real people,
Hey, we used to go out,
Dressed up to the nines and have night on the town,
But what did I care,
We could have been anywhere,
Track Name: Caesar
I will induct with a ritual fire,
Make an example of weakness in pyre,
Ageless, my legatum,
I'll rise up and seize what is rightfully mine,

Mars is smiling on my fortitude,
Give me the strength to see my vision through,
Rapto, strike my prey,
Spectators spectate, all crooked and mute,

My word is final,
My word is law,
Don't dare defy me,
Ich bin Gott.
Track Name: A feast fit for a king
It’s never too late,
To accept what you are,
Become yourself,
Don’t fight the lust,
Listen to your heart,
As you sink your teeth into her flesh,
Her blood trickles down your chin,
You come,
Into yourself,

A feast fit for a king,
Eve’s forbidden fruit,
It’s not perverse,
There are others like you,
The strong prey on the weak,
You’re playing such a dangerous game,
But it’s hard to see the fall until it comes,
And until it comes,
You’re winning.